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Last update on July 8, 2016 - Added some info to #1.4 Phishing.
About Wi-Fi Security Please, see at the bottom of the page.
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Friday, January 13, 2017
Backdoor in WhatsApp's encryption
allows hackers to intercept and read your encrypted messages.

For a detailed description, look at the following websites:
Please also read: «There is no WhatsApp 'backdoor'» by Op
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Hot Topic DA Art Theft...Maybe?
Changed User Agreements
You know what I hate about companies? The fact that they can, effectively, take their user agreements and update them without your consent. Thus changing the rules to something you’ve already signed long long ago. I signed up for DA 10 years ago but I’ve never once been asked to agree to the frequently new Terms of Service Agreements they keep updating.

Recently it’s been called to our attention that now DA can license your work, even fanart, off to other companies for a profit. DA gets licensing money, the product makers get money off the merch they sell... but the artist gets nothing. Worse yet, DA doesn’t even need to ask you for permission to do so.
This recently came to our attention in a big way when DA user :iconrismo: discovered that his Adventure Time fanart was being sold on Hot Topic without his knowledge.
:icontompreston:TomPreston 326 238
Just look at all these talented individuals. Damn, they make me jealous...

(You might see stamps or journals here, so... yeah.)





Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Who am I? Well, just a Source Filmmaker (SFM) artist hailing from Singapore. Making 3D Art with SFM since December 2013, although I never joined DeviantART until January 2014. Other than 3D Art, I do 2D Art as well, mainly sketches and drawings. Don't expect to see those often, since I can't draw.

What you are mainly going to see in my gallery is Sonic, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Skyrim, Freedom Planet, and Halo.

If for any reason you want to use my art for something (not that my art is that good, anyway), please ask me first. It's nice to know that my art is being used... well for good purposes anyway, but it will be nicer to know that you at least have the common sense to ask before using something that doesn't belong to you.
If you want, you can add/follow me on these... places.

XBOX Live: Cipher 064
Steam: Cipher 064
Skype: cipher064
You see these buttons and stamps down here? Yeah, me neither. I'm too lazy to decorate my page with buttons and stamps.


Flame and Spark
Fwooshity-fwoosh, zappity-zap.

Made with SFM, edited in Photoshop CS3.
Bladedancer CyberConnect2
This is a remake of one of my previous posters. Too lazy to actually link it here, but why would I, when the better version is right here?

Made with SFM, edited in Photoshop CS3
Blazing Angel

Made with SFM, edited in Photoshop CS3
Tennouboshi Uzume
More colour isolation stuff. I'm having fun again ^^

Made with SFM, edited in Photoshop CS3.
Colour-Isolation Test
Remember my previous render? Yeah, here it is in black and white and blue.

Made with SFM, edited in Photoshop CS3
It's been a while since I've written a journal, and it saddens me that I have to write one about art thievery after so long.

There's this website and from what I can tell, it steals art for them to sell for profit. Seeing as most (if not, a fair amount of) artists here on dA post art for free, I will not stand for this. Now, I know this isn't something new. This kind of bullshit has happened before, but that doesn't excuse anything.

I guess it was about time they stole my art:…

You think they'd have decent enough taste to steal my newer ones, but nope, I guess whoever/whatever runs the site (even if it's just an automated program) is pretty stupid at best. Hell, they even stole one of my drawings, crappy camera quality and all.

Now, I have no idea whether this site has been around for long, or if it only just popped up recently. I don't know about the amount of traffic this website gets, and some of you might see it as a harmless threat that won't get any traction. But regardless of anything I just said, art thievery is still not a right thing to do, and artists should not stand for it, especially if the thieves try to sell the stolen art for money.

I'm fairly certain no one is going to buy anything from that website, but the idea of them actually trying to profit from something most people do for free kind of makes me lose more of my already dwindling faith in Humanity.

It's even happened to some of my friends, and I'm pretty sure it has happened to others as well.

That's all I have to say, really. I'm not gonna waste any more time. May the winds of time carry you for eternity. Caelum desuper, et tenebris infra.

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